Ricky Wallace by name, at the incredible and daunting age of 26…I have just really began to get out and start to see some of the different cultures, sceneries and landscapes out there. At the start of spring 2012, I left work behind me and got up and traveled through SE Asia for 3 months. On arriving back home after this time, I went back to work; trudging through 45hrs a week to earn my pittance. Being in retail, weekends ofcourse becomes out of bounds for any kind of fun activities. Running a supermarket down by the seaside in the sunny county of Essex has its draw backs. Yes, I do enjoy what I do, and I shouldn’t complain about the pay, but I have a sense of adventure- I want to see the rest of the world, and 2 week holidays at a time doesn’t seem enough to quench my appetite…I believe they call this the ‘travel bug’, and I have it in a big way


So I only really have a tale to tell from my experience through SE Asia- what do I know about traveling right? I’m not claiming to have worldy advice in any manor of the word, or suggest I have any ground breaking idea’s on the subject, but I woke up today (Wednesday 12th December 2012), and decided that I wanted to put ‘pen to paper’ and write about a few of my adventures- because I had quite a few of them that will stay with me for life…

Take them as you please. I have added a few links along the way to add depth, and I have my own take on ‘advice for the new traveler’; some points to note and tips for the road which I think would have been beneficial to me before I set off on my journey at the start of the year. So why not share them with other new adventurers? And I apologize in advance if they come across as teaching anyone to suck eggs- I’m sure alot of it may well be common sense, but for those that do not know, I’m sure some of the information might be invaluable.

My SE Asia trip then- I flew into Bangkok on the 5th of March 2012 with a friend I knew little about from school. We were brought together with a mutual sense of adventure to explore the same continent and escape from the norm, the conventional surroundings and the same old commute. So we arrived at Bangkok, where I stayed for 3 nights before moving on north. That was the only part of the trip where we had accommodation planned in advance. The rest was all to be off the cuff, for the sense of freedom and deciding where to go tomorrow only the day before…the idea both exciting and provocative.


As you read on, I’ll go into details of some of the best places I ventured. Along the way there were many photos, videos and exciting memories, all of which I’ll try and share with you. This is my first ever attempt at a blog- I’m a little hesitant. Any advice or comments are both welcomed and appreciated 🙂

I look forward to getting to business and hearing from you all 😀 😀

Over and out. R


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